From Charioteer of Telangana Revolution To Charioteer of Telangana State Development in the Span of 2 Years

AP2TG Staff

KCR, Beloved CM of Telangana made the dreams of Telangana people into reality. He started and lead the Telangana movement though he knows it as a path of horns and made the revolutionary struggle into successful movement. Since 2 years people are enjoying its fruits.  In 2014, KCR was elected as the honourable Chief Minister of Telangana State. On June 2nd, 2014 Telangana was officially declared as the 29th state of India. This day is celebrated grandly all over the state as the Telangana Formation Day.

KCR believes that a problem diagnosed properly is the better treatment. He followed the same principle in the development of Telangana State. He made the people of Telangana feel proud by his vision and development schemes in all the sectors. The way he led the state into development track made him the most respectable leader and beloved CM. The victory of TRS in GHMC elections prove us that how people love KCR. His rule was as pure as that of Indian roller bird (Pala pitta) which was apt as the Telangana state bird.

Let us know about the development of Telangana State Under KCR’s Rule On The Birthday Of KCR gaaru:

1. A state is said to be developing only when the women of the state feel safe. So, for the protection of women, “SHE TEAM” which mainly focus on the eve teasing and women harassment was launched.


2. For the development of every individual education is necessary. So free and compulsory education from KG to PG scheme was launched by KCR. Payment to Government teachers also increased.


3. Farmers are the backbone of the state. They play a key role in state progress. So for the welfare of farmers, CM provided electricity supply and water supply. He was also successful in repayment of loans taken by the poor farmers. Suicide of farmers also reduced in this 2 years span.


4. For the removal of unemployment problem in the state TS TASK (Telangana Academy For Skill And Knowledge) was started. It is a non-profit organization created for bringing synergy among institutions of Government, Industry & Academia with an objective of offering quality human resources and services to the industry .


5. KCR also focussed on the cultural rejuvenation to preserve heritage of Telangana. As a part of this, He declared Bathukamma and Bonalu as the state festivals. He also granted funds for grand celebration of this festivals


6.   Strict policies for properties, and real estate  were made by leveraging the state level survey data.

7. KCR also focussed on the development of state by the foreign investments. As a part of this He went to Malaysia and Singapore


8. KCR believed that foreign investments become successful only when the Police security in the state is high. So, for the better lifestyle of police officers 100 innovas and 300 bikes were given.


9. He also believes that Technology and industrial development in a state is an index of growth. So He took an initiative for setup of Apple in Hyderabad. His son KTR is successfully leading as IT minister.


10. CM also developed tourist places like Yadagiri Gutta and Kanakadurga temple(Vijayawada) as tourist places.


11. Construction of water parks like wonderla/ocean park and amusement park near yadagirigutta/Karimnagar.


12. He felt that people should not suffer from thirst. So he started mission kakatiya (restoring lakes and tanks).


13. Reduction of power cuts.

power shortage

14. No traffic problems and reduction of traffic signals at junctions. Also strict traffic rules were passed. Metro rail works are also completing quickly.


15. Shifting of Secretariat, Osmania hospital

16. To see Hyderabad as green city, Haritha haram program was launched. A lot of trees were planted under this programme.


17. He also implemented pension scheme for old people, Aarogya Lakshmi scheme for pregnant woman, Kalyana Lakshmi scheme for providing funds for the marriage of poor woman.

kalyana lakshmi

18. TS- I pass (Telangana State Industrial Project Approval and Self- Certification System) was launched for proper and quick approval of licences for various government projects.


19. TRS started operation akarsh through which other party MLA`s joined in TRS.

20. For reducing the starvation of people, Lunch was provided at just Rs.5/-



21. To see Hyderabad as slum-free city, Telangana Housing Scheme was launched through which 2 BHK flats were under construction for the poor people.

maxresdefault (2)

22. T-Hub was launched to encourage entrepreneurs.


23. Construction of airport at kothagudem, medical colleges, mining institute, IIM at Nalgonda, skyways and cleaning of Hussain Sagar etc. will also reflect the growth of Telangana.

Wishing all the people of Telangana a happy Telangana Formation Day. Let’s hope for more and more development. Also wishing KCR garu a huge success as the Chief Minister of Telangana. Here are some pics of Telangana formation day celebrations. Arrangements were made for tallest flag hoisting at Sanjeevayya park.