CCTV Footage : Chain Snatcher Strikes Elderly Couple In Hyderabad

AP2TG Staff
The chain snatchers are not even sparing elderly people for money. This is exactly what happened in Hyderabad where a chain snatcher struck an elderly couple while they were walking on a secluded street.
A shocking video of a chain snatcher striking an elderly couple in the Hi-tech city of Hyderabad has identified in a CCTV camera. The video, which has become viral on the social media websites, shows a helpless elderly woman walking on the streets with her husband being robbed of her valuables by a snatcher in the broad daylight.
Watch Video Here: (Wait 3 Sec. for Loading….)

Watch | Chain snatcher strikes elderly couple in Hyderabad#Video | Shocking CCTV footage shows an elderly couple being robbed in broad daylight in Hyderabad.

The chain snatcher managed to flee.

Posted by Hindustan Times on Friday, May 20, 2016

The aged lady’s husband, who is very old barely walk with the help of the stick, tries to chase the snatcher and in the attempt, falls on the road. He shouted for help but at that particular moment, it was a deserted lane and so there was nobody to help him out.

Meanwhile, the shameless person eludes from the scene on a bike. In the end of the footage, one can see the helpless, aged couple standing with no idea what to do.

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