A Boy from Hyderabad express his Grief with the Act of Hyderabad Traffic Police to Authorities


Everyone must have been victims of Traffic Police even though you are innocent. Here is one such story of a boy from Hyderabad Girish expressing how he was stuck in a situation even though he did it by mistake and was not intentional. The boy didn’t had money to pay to the Police and he requested that he would pay the fine online but the Traffic police denied and insisted him to go to ATM and withdraw money and pay it. Its high time such acts should come to an end.

Respected Sirs,
This is to bring a situation under your notice. My Name is Girish Kumar. I was travelling on my 2 wheeler with my wife from DLF to IIIT junction, Due to heavy traffic, I took a wrong side which is my mistake. And I accept that as my mistake. A cop stopped me and took me to SI. As per my notice I think his name is Ramchandar. I didn’t ask him anything as its my mistake. He charged me Rs.600/- as fine. I was telling him that I don’t have that much money in my pocket, He forced me to go to ATM and bring money and give to him. I asked him that there is an option of online challan payment so that I can pay it from online. But he is not accepting the online payment and was saying that Online challan is only for Hyderabad Traffic Police and not for Cyberabad traffic police . But when I saw online, I have the facility of online challan.

challan of traffic police fine
The Problems faced by me are.
1. He didn’t accept me to pay with online challan and if not paying money by hand to him, he said he will be toying my Vehicle and to collect some where. So he forcefully sent me to ATM and withdraw money and give to him.
2. He have demanded me Rs.600/-. As per the Penalty sections, I Have to pay only Rs. 100/- for making a Wrong way (Under Sec. 177 (Point 11)). But he have claimed me under (Sec. 177 & Sec 179(1)). Where Sec 179(1) says that Disobediece of orders, Obstruction to the Checking officer in discharge of duties and refuse of information. But I didn’t even talk anything to him and I produced all the information he is asking. Which is incorrect.
If this is the case of claiming unnecessary penalties with the common people, how can they live happily in the city.
Attaching you the challan which he have given me.

Girish Anand

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