A Blogger Explains Why Narendra Modi Photo is Showing Up When Someone Searches for “Top 10 Criminals” in Google


Raising many eyebrows, the search engine had earlier thrown up astonishing results when somebody searched with ‘top 10 criminals in the world.’ Internet giant Google on Wednesday apologised “for any confusion or misunderstanding” caused after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s images started appearing in the image search results for query on “Top 10 criminals in India”. Here an Indian Blogger explains why Narendra Modi images are showing when anyone searches for Top 10 Criminals in Google search results. Here is the detailed video explaining the whole scenario.

google apologies modi

Although google apolyses by saying “These results don’t reflect Google’s Opinion or our beliefs; our algorithm automatically matched the query to web pages with these images”

Why Narendra Modi Photo is showing up in Google:

The root cause behind this was the article on dnaindia which wrote about “Will ask SC to set up special courts to deal with politicians with criminal backgrounds: Narendra Modi“, the article has few keywords like criminal cases, criminal charges, criminal layer, non-criminal background etc. For detailed information about this you can go though the article in Alltechbuzz.net