Video Of BJP Leader Harassing 19 Years Old Girl In Moving Bus Goes Viral And Next Gets Arrested

AP2TG Staff

A video sending shock waves in Maharashtra political circle has brought major embarrassment to the BJP in which a leader of the party’s Maharashtra unit can be seen kissing a woman in a moving bus. The video of the incident has gone viral on social media.

In the video, the 48-year-old BJP leader and school supervisor named Ravindra Bawanthade was seen forcing himself upon a 19-year-old girl. The video was captured by the CCTV camera installed in the bus Ravindra Bawanthade was traveling in with a female student from the school he supervises.

Hours after the video appeared in the social media groups, the woman seen in the video has registered a rape case against the concerned BJP leader Ravindra Bavanthade alleging that he raped her on the pretext of job and marriage.

According to media reports, the shameful incident took place in Gadchiroli district of Chandrapur. It was discovered by the driver and cleaner of the bus who then spread the video on social media.

Watch The Video Here:

As per FIR filed against Ravindra Bawanthade, it wasn’t the first time he was forcing himself upon the victim in a moving vehicle.

The victim was lured into accompanying him in a bus to get her a job at a Nagpur hospital. However, on the way back, the victim felt that Ravindra Bawanthade was forcing himself on her somewhere between Bhiwapur and Nagbhid. The victim, who hails from an economically backward section of the society was promised a job and marriage by Ravindra Bawanthade.

However, after the video went viral on the internet after a few days, the victim chose to file an FIR alleging the BJP Leader of rape. The driver and cleaners of the bus were also arrested for capturing and spreading the video.

Ravindra Bhawanthade was arrested this Monday after the police took action on the FIR.