Bill Gates Gets Free Burgers From McDonald’s For Lifetime. Know The Reason Here

AP2TG Staff

Free Burgers For Lifetime. How does it sound ? If you are a foodie like me this must draw your eyeballs. Burgers for entire life is an offer that business giant Bill Gates got and he got that from a very famous food joint.

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft which is the most successful technical company is the second richest man on this planet. There are few things which you might not be knowing about Bill Gates.


Bill Gates Food Habit:

Bill Gates loves to have cheeseburgers for lunch and diet coke is his favorite drink. Be it his room or office cabin, diet coke is something he keeps with him always.


Free Burgers For Lifetime:

Yes, he can eat at any McDonald’s chain in the entire world for free. A famous magazine wrote: “According to Warren Buffett, Gates’ card works worldwide. Of course, it is unclear how often Gates stops by McDonald’s these days, after The Gates Foundation Asset Trust liquidated its position in the fast-food company in February. Getting your hands on a McDonald’s Gold Card is no piece of cake. But, the legendary cards are real – and something that could end up in your own pocket, if you befriend the right McDonald’s franchisee.”


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This Is How A Gold Card Looks:


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Warren Buffett and Bill Gates have a McDonald’s gold card, Hugh Laurie has a Burger King crown card and Ed Sheeran has a Nando’s black card. But good luck getting your hands on your own. It must be strange being rich and famous: just when you can afford anything, everyone gives you stuff for free.

According to Buffett, Gates’s lifetime gold card is valid worldwide. Then there are the Burger King glitterati, the 12 members of the crown card club, including Jennifer Hudson, George Lucas, and Hugh Laurie. In fact, McDonald’s franchisees across the country appear to be more than happy to give local heroes free food with their own versions of the “Gold Card.”

Seriously, I Want One Gold Card: