Real Advice:6 Best Places in Hyderabad to buy a New House


Telangana chief minister K. Chandrashekar Rao is determined in carving out Hyderabad as a Smart, Safe & Green City and a world class city. Recently GMR Representatives and UK Consultants met the Chief Minister and submitted their proposals to transform Hyderabad in to a fully secure city like London. CC Cameras, Censors, Alarm systems and video systems and data storage devices integrated through 4G Technologies are likely to be brought under 3 or 4 command control systems covering the 10 proposed divisions of Hyderabad. Government of Telangana is giving top priority to regulation of traffic and women safety. Whole city of Hyderabad is to be brought under surveillance of CC Cameras around the clock. Apart from the Government Vision and the use of modern Technology coupled with Greening Programme, what really needed is smart populace to inhabit this smart Hyderabad. Unfortunately Hyderabad a Garden City with beautiful lakes is destroyed and converted in to a Garbage city and polluted water bodies due to short sighted policies and neglect of the previous Governments. Let us bring back the pristine Glory of Hyderabad.

kcr smart city hyderabad

Smart City is built with active contribution and active participation of 6 factors. They are Smart People, Smart Governance, smart Economy, Smart Environment, Smart Mobility and Smart Living.

Hyderabad is the best Place in south India with a cool climate and friendly people with a progressive system under the Able dynamic and smart Governance of K.Chandrashaker Rao.

Now a day’s Hyderabad is feared for one thing that is its Traffic. 29 Lakh Vehicles on Road in Hyderabad which is fourth largest in India. Every day 600 vehicles are added. Vehicle density on roads is second largest in the country. No foot paths. The solution for this problem is vigorously perused by the present government. With completion of metro works traffic is certain to improve.

Progressive Policing, Hyderabad is certainly a safe city for law abiding citizen. May be this is irksome to some vested interests. There is no racial, regional, cast and religious discrimination among people living in Hyderabad. Hence this is the reason for the interest shown by entrepreneurs and industrialists from all over the world on Hyderabad.

So on all counts it is worthy and a good idea to make Hyderabad our home and let us make a smart move to buy a small place for our family in Hyderabad.

Welcome to the Smart People to begin a smart living by making Hyderabad as their home.

6 best Places to buy a house in Hyderabad. These places are selected based on civic amenities, education facilities, mobility, thus keeping mostly the need of middle class people.

  1. Tellapur, Narsingi and APPA Junction.
  2. Nallagandla
  3. Uppal
  4. Miyapur
  5. Kompally
  6. Aadibattla