Watch: Best Funny News Bloopers Of The Year. You Can’t Control Your Laugh

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Every day, professional news anchors and reporters go on live television to report the news. When mistakes happen, those on-air screw-ups are seen by a lot of people. Mistakes are common and we are not here to highlight them. We just provide you the best bloopers from News Channels.

The news readers who are so professional while reading the bulletin generate hilarious comedy when they miss their lines. Popular Telugu news channels released their bloopers for past years. Here are some of our favorites from the past few years. It’s very funny. You’re laughing with them, not at them. So, don’t worry see the videos below and have some hilarious time.

Best funnny news bloopers

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Watch Funny News Bloopers Of Anchors Here:

V6 Bloopers For 2015:

V6 Bloopers For 2014:

Did you enjoy the funny reactions of anchors when they miss their lines ? Luckily, someone put together a fantastic reel of the year’s best news bloopers to make the world seem like a happier place.Go ahead and watch people mess up at their jobs above.

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