Best and The Worst Sleeping Positions You Need To Know To Stay Healthy

AP2TG Staff

In which position are you sleeping? Do you know your sleeping position can affect your body in many ways? Yes, sleeping position plays a crucial role in the functioning of the body parts. As all the body parts or organs will have rest at this time, your sleeping position might create some disturbance in some body parts. This disturbance may turn bigger and leads to several health problems. Let us see some sleeping positions along with their pros and cons.

Side Sleepers:

Specialists consider sleeping on your side as the best position for one to sleep. By sleeping on your side, none of your body parts are getting stressed, and moreover, this position helps you to get rid of joint pains. While you sleep sideways, you may sometimes bend your legs at knees to make yourself comfortable, and this will stretch the muscles in your back. If you are having a painful back then without any thought, you can choose this position as it can show a significant effect on your spine.

Back Sleepers:

Back sleepers are again two types Back sleepers with hands up and side. When people are sleeping on their back, it causes some tension in the spine. In this position see that your head is equal to your body and not very much tilted back. If you get habituated to this sleeping position, you may have to experience the neck pain sometimes. People who are suffering from sleep apnea are not recommended to avoid this sleeping position. There are also some beauty related benefits by sleeping on your back. As your face is away from the pillow, you are safe as the dirt and oils to the pillow will not attack you. By this, your skin will not be affected with acne and wrinkles.

Some people sleep on their back and raise their hands. In this position, people may experience shoulder pains when the hands are raised above the shoulder level. This sleeping position may lead to snoring.

Curled sleepers:

This posture is just similar to side sleepers, but they still bend their legs towards their chest. This position may be comfortable during the starting days but can cause neck pain and breathing problem throughout the night.

Stomach Sleepers:

This position is the worst sleeping position of all. Here comes a situation where the stomach sleepers should change their sleeping position. Sleeping on the stomach can restrict breath as mouth and nose are covered partially. This can also strain the vertebrae at the neck.

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