Video: Baahubali Director “S.S Rajamouli” a Copycat – Proved


Sensational and successful director S.S.Rajamouli’s most prestigious project Bahubali is creating much hype with its huge budget and its director. This is the highest budget Telugu movie ever (As of now). All Indian film makers are eagerly waiting for its premier. Bahubali the Beginning would be big VFX movie in Tollywood. Earlier Rajamouli’s graphic wonder “Eega” was a blockbuster hit at box office.

But many say that Rjamouli is a copy cat. It means he always copies the scenes and posters from other films. Some of them say that they are inspiration from those movies. However, the controversy of copy cat on Rajamouli was not the first time. S S Rajamouli has been singled out for severe criticism in the recent past in the wake of the accusations. This is linked even in Bahubali that the poster of a child ws same as the Hollywood movie Simon Birch. Rajamouli and producer Shobu Yarlagandda were quick to clarify that they had officially purchased the rights to use template of the video and that it was not a copy. Few people say that the filmmaker has never attempted an original storyline in his career till date.

Most of biggest hits have storylines that are directly borrowed from older hit films. We aren’t sure if the filmmaker bought the remake rights of all these films either. Here is a list of his hit films and the films that it is inspired from. Sye – Any Given Sunday, Magadheera – Troy, Gladiator, Myth, 300 Maryada Ramanna – Our Hospitality, Eega- Bee, Cockroach (Australian short film), Bahubali- Jayasimha (starring senior NTR). It has to be said that he does an fabulous job of packaging which is why he’s never had a flop in his career. As they say, why change something that’s working. It sure seems to work for him.

This video shows that Rajamouli is a Copy Cat:

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Baahubali-Making video

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