Baahubali Team Answering Fans Funny Questions In Twitter


Many fans have loads of doubts and questions about the movie Baahubali. They tweeted their questions and the team of Baahubali has answered those questions. Prabhas, Rana, Anushka and Tamanna interacted with fans on Twitter before the release of theatrical trailer on the web.

baahubali team before trailer release

Q) How did you manage your physique while shooting for ‘Baahubali’? It’s for Prabhas but Anushka answered it! 

Anushka: 2-and-a-half years of disciplined workout and diet.

Q) Favourite Role – Shivudu or Baahubali? 

Prabhas: I like Baahubali better than Shivudu.

Q) Toughest Phase of ‘Baahubali’ – Pre-Production, Shooting, Post-Production? 

Anushka: If it’s the case of Rajamouli, then its Planning of Pre-Production, Pre-Production, Shooting, Planning of Post-Production, Post-Production.

Tamanna: There is a scene in the movie where I will be fighting with Prabhas. It’s the toughest part! Prabhas himself taught me how to fight against him.

Q) What made you sign Baahubali?

Anushka: Rajamouli with a script like Baahubali

Tamanna: Rajamouli

Rana: The greatest film ever made in India and Prabhas

Prabhas: Well…enti andaru baaga cheppesaru. Nenem cheppali ippudi (everyone burst out laughing).

Q) One moment when you got irritated during the shoot?

Anushka: I can’t reveal it!

Tamanna: While shooting one of the scenes, its kept raining non-stop and I was really hoping there is a pack-up but they didn’t do that till very long.

Rana: When I had to go on a wheelchair for an action sequence.

Prabhas: All my action scenes…I can say!

Q) Better Performer in the Team?

Anushka: Ramya Krishna

Tamanna: Ramya Krishna

Rana: Bhallaladeva

Prabhas: Ramya Krishna, Sathyaraj, Rana, Sweaty, Tamanna and Prabhas.

Q) One famous personality you would like to show Baahubali?

Anushka: Rajinikanth

Tamanna: I want to see it first

Rana: Amitabh Bachchan

Prabhas: Rajinikanth

Q) Who is the biggest flirt on the sets of Baahubali?

Anushka: For girls and boys, it’s only Rana!

Tamanna: Keeps starring at Rana.

Q) When are you getting married? – Question for Prabhas!

Prabhas: Soon, One fine day!

Tamanna: When are you getting married Anushka?

Anushka: After Rana!

Tamanna: When are you getting married Rana?

Rana: No one is getting married to me.