Baahubali-2 VFX Video Is Out And It Will Give You All The Reasons To Praise SS Rajamouli Once Again

AP2TG Staff

With the grand release throughout the country on April 28, Baahubali-2 has laid an outstanding impact on the whole fraternity of movie making, the edges director SS Rajamouli has broken, the extent to which the technicians went forward is quite amusing and clearly visible on the screen.

Starting as a regional movie, this movie’s excellence has prevailed across the whole country, like a wildfire. Now, the sequel is on, people are eagerly waiting for the answers, peculiarly ‘Why Kattappa Killed Baahubali?’ (WKKB), the most important and intriguing one.

Everything about Baahubali has started topping te news charts from the very first day of its release, and the movie deserves everything it has earned till now. Now, that it has been almost a month and the frequency of collections is still not down, such is the craze the movie has earned. Moviegoers are not only appreciating the breakthrough performances of its lead actors but, they are also loving the usage of international quality VFX in the movie.

Meanwhile, an interesting video regarding the VFX making has surfaced online and is going viral now. In the short clip posted on YouTube by Vishal Dilwale, you get to see some behind-the-scenes footage and VFX breakdown. It will give you an idea about the hard work and dedication which was put in by the everyone who worked for this magnum opus project.

Watch The Video Here: