If Horn Blows, Meter And Fare Increases! Autowalas New Technique Of Frauding People By Tampering Digital Meters! Know Details Here

AP2TG Staff

How many times have you fought with an autorickshaw driver about his tampered meter? There were many complaints on auto-rickshaw drivers for manipulating and changing the regular fare meters. That is why digital fare meters were introduced about 3 years ago.

But still tampering of Fare Meters are at the BOOM in Hyderabad and other cities. Yes, nowadays it has become a common practice by the auto drivers to trick the easy money from common people.

As we all know Auto Rickshaws are considered as the best options for short and long trips in Hyderabad city. And they are cheaper than a taxi and generally a better option for getting around Hyderabad city.

But these Autowalas making this reason as a cash for them and changing the regular fare meters manipulating in different ways. While some make the people fool by driving in long route making cash out of it, some are cleverly frauding people by tampering digital meters.

But now the times have become even worse, auto drivers have gone wild these days. Yes, they are marauding people’s money in a whole new different style by blowing HORN. Feeling confused? Want to know the connection between Meter and Horn. Read the whole story below

Are you thinking how they fraud us by blowing the horn? It sounds really silly right! But it’s true, you’ll admit yourself that the auto drivers have become really smarter these days after listening to this story.
OK! Auto drivers hacked the Digital meters with a new technique and it all works like these; How many times the auto driver blows the horn that many times the fare charge increases by 50% of the total auto fare charge. And the minimum rate of the one horn blow by auto driver costs like 32 rupees per one blow.

By using this technique auto drivers are simply blowing horn repeatedly even it is not needed during the travel so that they make easy money frauding the people.

And for everyone’s surprise, some are even using this technique in different ways. While some are using it on HORNS, some are going with INDICATORS, FRONT LIGHTS connecting them to the FARE METRE.

And it has become a big problem for the concerned departments to catch these Auto Fraudsters who are hacking Digital Fare Meters. It is said that Police departments are going crazy in SHOCK knowing these new techniques of Autowalas.

How can one tell whether a meter has tampered? What percentage of auto-rickshaws would have tampered meters?

According to Traffic Police Additional Commissioner of Hyderabad, there are different methods which are followed by auto drivers to manipulate the digital fare meters.

However, passengers can still find out if the fare meter is manipulated, easily. If there are any extra wires or switches in the vehicle connected to the fare meter and a switch near driver’s feet or by the side of the engine or the accelerator – it hints the manipulation of the meter. When the driver presses the switch or accelerates, it increases the speed of the fare meter.

This is how your meter might have tampered!

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