NASA Discovers Bizarre Looking Giant-Worms On Mars, Photographs Revealed

AP2TG Staff

Various speculations regarding the possibility of survival on Mars surfaced the Internet. Earlier, a plethora of photographs regarding the aliens and other creatures on the neighboring planet Mars were phenomenal on the Internet. The red planet has always been a center of fascinations for every space lover.

The recent research by the International Space Agency NASA has unleashed some unbelievable details of the planet. Newly released photographs make scientists assume that some sort of worms is surviving there, the pictures depict the giant-bizarre looking creatures.

These creatures were found enveloping the surface of a Mars crater, the material discovered by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, is known by the name of ‘ejecta’, was captured by using HiRISE instrument respectively.

“Dubbed the ‘Amazing Technicolor ejecta blanket,’ the colors represent different rocks and minerals exposed on the surface, However, to an untrained eye, the distinct features could like creepy Martian insects”, says the source.

Coming to the picture above, the blue areas in the image depict iron-rich minerals, like olivine and pyroxene while lighter colors, such as yellow, indicate the presence of altered rocks on the surface.

They posted the picture with the caption, “Mars in Technicolor! A blanket of impact debris on Mars can be seen in colors representing various rocks & minerals.”

Check out the tweet from the official NASA handle:

Talking about this, NASA concluded that, “they emanate from the bottom of the two unnamed craters on the red planet.”