Terminator Star Arnold To Play Negative Role In Rajinikanth’s ‘Robo 2’


Hollywood Superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger has agreed to act in a film that will have Superstar Rajinikanth playing the lead. Terminator star making his debut in an Indian film shortly by playing the Villain role in Rajinikanth’s Robo 2. He will have a role equal to that of Rajinikanth, the hero of the multilingual movie.

Arnold Schwarzenegger who launched the music of Shankar’s much anticipated film I earlier this year had expressed his views to work with director Shankar in a film. Reports suggest that Arnold has been approached with an offer to act in the movie and he has accepted it.


His Remuneration is 100 Crores:

“Robo 2” is a sequel to “Robo”, which was released in 2010. The movie makers are paying 100 crores remuneration to Arnold. Even though this amount is very less compared to his remuneration for the Hollywood movies, Arnold gave his nod to act in ‘Robo-2’. He is expected to shoot for 25 days for the film in India.

Initially, there were reports of Aamir Khan being offered the role however due to date issues, the superstar could not take up the character.

Terminator Star Arnold To Play Negative Role In Rajinikanth's 'Robo 2'

If this is the case, Shankar movie gets huge publicity  worldwide and it will get international release as a Hollywood movie. Let’s see what happens!