Video: Arnab Goswami With Times Now Colleagues After His ‘Final’ Newshour Show

AP2TG Staff

Arnab Goswami, the renowned television journalist, and the Editor-in-Chief of Times Now and ET Now has resigned. Goswami told his team that he will start something on his own. After the NewsHour show, he held a meeting with staff in which he told them to never lose faith in the “independent media”.

In this video circulating social media, Arnab is seen telling colleagues after the NewsHour to never lose faith in the independent media. He reportedly told them that he “believes in the media” and will “continue with television”.

Watch The Video Here:

Arnab Goswami – Farewell Speech:

“The game starts now,” Goswami is heard saying in the video.

“Don’t ever lose your faith in independent media. Nobody can teach us independent media. The independent media has come, will happen. I’ve been able to do it only because of that,” he says. Arnab’s resignation might be registered as Times Now’s biggest loss, but all we can do is wait for him to mark his presence again.

Speaking to Janta Ka Reporter, a Times Now journalist said, “Arnab has resigned. We are still in the board meet. But it’s confirmed.” Arnab made this announcement in a specially convened meet, which he attended through video conferencing from Mumbai.