AR Rahman Finally Opened Up On The Wembley Concert, Revealed The Reasons Behind His Deed

AP2TG Staff

We all know the kind of criticism Oscar Winner AR Rahman has faced regarding the Wembley Concert that took place on 8th July.

The audience went berserk after this Music Maestro went singing Tamil songs instead of Hindi, many left the concert in the midway. All this happened as Rahman went choosing Tamil songs over Hindi.

Post the concert, people started sharing their opinions on the concert on Social Media, they said “the basic advice if you are an AR Rahman fan. When you buy tickets to a concert titled ‘Netru Indru Nalai’, do not assume that the major chunk of the music played will be in Hindi. It’s Tamil for yesterday, today, tomorrow.”

With a feeling that Tamil songs dominated the concert, many felt offended and simply left the place in the midway, they then swarmed to Twitter and Rahman’s Facebook page to complain about most songs sung being in Tamil, claimed that their money got wasted unnecessarily.

Prominent people like Priyanka Chopra and singer Chinmayi Sripdada opened up about the issue, backed Rahman and called the audience who walked out- rude.

Later, about the concert, Rahman was quoted saying “We try our best. We try to be honest. I love the way how people have supported for all these years without them I’m nothing. I’m grateful to all of them.”

It is believed that the total track list consists 16 Hindi songs and 12 Tamil. Rahman in his facebook page shared his views about the event, he gave a clarification on people leaving the concert in the middle:

“Hi, London. Thanks for the tremendous support and response. However, we have been getting a few complaints about language bias which is rather unfortunate as this was an Indian show and music doesn’t have any barriers.”

He then added, “We have posted the track list performed at The SSE Arena, Wembley to prove that there were 16 full tracks in Hindi, 12 full Tamil tracks and one medley with a mix of Tamil and Hindi.”

Despite many who criticized Rahman, there are people who have been supporting him from the very beginning.