Anushka Shetty Revealed About Her Secret Marriage Plan


Anushka Shetty, is an Indian film actress, who works mainly in the Telugu and Tamil film industries. In a recent interview, Anushka Shetty talked about all her movies “Baahubali”, Beauty Secret and her view on marriage.

Anushka Shetty revealved about her secret marriage plan

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Anushka Shetty talked about “Baahubali”:

Anushka Shetty is currently going through the best phase of her career. She said that she wasn’t apprehensive about doing the stunts on her own. “All of us were rigorously trained for months. In fact, we were asked to fight in real time as Rajamouli sir felt it would look realistic on screen,” and she said that ” I performed all my stunts on my own and didn’t take the help of a body double”. Screen Time of my role in Baahubali part 1 is minimal however it’s going to be a full-length role in Baahubali part 2 Anushka Said.

 Anushka Shetty talking about Beauty Secret  :

“A lot of people discuss about how beautiful I look! Beauty comes from the genes of parents. Food Habits, Workouts and Yoga helps us protect the beauty. that’s it!”.

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Anushka Shetty talking about Marriage:

Anushka said that it makes her sad that media constantly spreads wrong rumors about her. She said that she is reading stories where it said that her parents are looking for a perfect groom and she said that Since the past six years, several reports appeared in media regarding my wedding. I won’t escape saying wedding is something very personal but at the same time a secret wedding isn’t on my mind. Anushka though admitted she wants to get married one day. But she does not know if that will be an arrange marriage or a love marriage. She said if anything happens in her love life she will share the news with her fans immediately. But she believes that one cannot preplan marriages, it will happen when the right time comes.