Andhra Steps Behind Telangana Due to Lack of Infra in IT Sector


The topmost American Multi-National Technology Company, Google has set to open its biggest campus in the surroundings of Hyderabad. The Neighbouring state Andhra Pradesh with IT savvy N Chandrababu Naidu is still in the exploration to set up IT majors in the residuary state. In fact, post bifurcation, not even a single IT major has initiated its operations in AP.

The marginal IT Company that is right now in AP is constrained to Visakhapatnam, in which highly reputed companies such as Tech Mahindra, Wipro, IBM, and Cocentrix have a presence. Altogether, more than 3000 jobs will be generated in AP. Out of 100, a medium of 80 IT companies are located in the port city, Visakhapatnam and the remaining are located in Vijayawada, Tirupati and Kakinada. Tech Mahindra had declared the development of its campus in Vizag, but the plan is not yet implemented and has to be materialised.

LACK of Infra in IT sector in Andhra

Genuinely, AP is straggling behind in the IT sector as there are lack of facilities and infrastructure in almost all the cities and towns that are essential to entice the Software companies. JA Chowdary, FICCI co-chairman for AP and Telangana, said that, “Major IT firms conduct a study on the weather conditions, socio-economic system, availability of talented human resources and readiness of their employees to move to a particular location.”
Chowdary, who was the former IT advisor to Naidu at the time of Hi-tech City development said that, as per the study conducted in all these circumstances, it is proved that there is not a single city or town in AP including Visakhapatnam and Vijayawada that have a chance of enticing IT firms. When compared with the cities like Bangalore and Hyderabad, there is no other city or town in AP that brings IT firm to set up their company. He also added that, “It will take almost a minimum of six years for IT majors to show interest in AP”.
Socio-economic system would mean that, a fully developed city must have many facilities and hi-fi infrastructure that includes International airport, Big Corporate schools, Multiplexes, Shopping malls. All these are the basic amenities of a socio-economic city that are necessary for the families of employees who wish to move into a new city.

AP stood as a glaring example in deficient of all these above mentioned the basic amenities in AP. The Medha Towers in Vijayawada is the major community all IT companies that was constructed in 2011.
An IT Expert said that, “It has been more than four years since Medha Towers was constructed but it is still vacant. Now, the AP government is intending to take over the buildings, houses and some other government offices,” said an IT expert. Incidentally, Sri City in Chittoor, hyped as the most happening SEZ in Andhra Pradesh state that does not have any IT firm.
Some of the IT officials said that post bifurcation, almost 30 IT companies were curious to establish IT firms in AP, but still there is no progress. The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh State, Chandrababu Naidu had met heads of several companies like Microsoft, Google, Twitter, Facebook and many others, during his foreign visits and in Hyderabad.
“All the IT firms have shown interest and are curious only in booming out corporate social responsibility in the state, but none coveted to set up a campus,” said an IT official. Experts are now recommending the Government to emphasis on electronics and hardware instead of setting up IT sector in AP.