Andhra Pradesh State to Shift its Capital from Hyderabad to New Capital Amaravati by 2024


Andhra Pradesh state government is planning ahead to shift their mutual state capital Hyderabad to newly contrived state capital Amaravati. The Government has ordered the concerned officials to complete the master plan of the new capital in the stipulated due course by the first of June. The formally selected capital of Andhra Pradesh state Amaravathi is all set to be the new capital of the state with all amenities till the year 2024. Govt. officials gave started an elaborate transition since past few months.


Amaravati, Andhra Pradesh State Government New Capital to be Worked Up by 2024

Andhra Pradesh state government is planning to shift its 20,000 government employees to the new constructing capital Amaravati. The Ambitious project of  Andhra Pradesh state is going to see a big move by the TDP-led government. Andhra Pradesh states new capital Amaravati is all set to be built and carved out as an international city and the concerned work is in full swing.

Andhra Pradesh state officials and the chief minister affirmed that by the year 2024, they would be moving down to the newly formed state capital Amaravati. AP Government was left with no choice but to search for a new capital after the re-organization of the state government and it had concluded search setting Amaravati as the new capital of the state which is 300 kilometers south from Hyderabad. Officials and the state ministries which have been assigned with  job of setting and establishing a new state capital are working with great efforts to complete the complete master plan of the new capital, Amaravati by the first of June.

Reportedly sources state that Andhra Pradesh state government is all set to relocate its administration from Hyderabad to new state capital Amaravati  in different stages where the maximum efforts would be to move the administration of the state as early as possible. Government sources of AP state that 20,000 employees would be shifted and relocated from the mutual state capital Hyderabad to Amaravati by 2017.

New Capital Amaravati Construction to Start in June First Week

“By first week of June, we will have the master plan of the entire capital like seed capital, the core capital, and the capital region and capital area ready. Then we will start building. The core capital, we are planning on completing before the next elections that is before 2019. In 2019, we will have everything administratively a capital needs to have” said Advisor, Andhra Pradesh government, Parakala Prabhakar.

amaravathi new capital relocationa and foundation stone

Andhra Pradesh state government’s new capital requires an exchequer of nearly Rs 20,000 crore to build the capital brick-by-brick buildings with international standard of living. Around Rs 2 lakh crore was announced by the state government of AP  during the release of Amaravati Blueprint in the state to construct it during the next five years

AP Govt. was successful enough in raising funds, investment deals with energy, technology and pharmaceutical majors like Suzlon, Xiaomi, Mylan has  made company to get nearly USD 12 billion although the state has a long way in achieving its target and raising funds.

The admirer of the Singapore, AP CM Chandrababu Naidu’s visionary capital is drawing Amaravati’s master plan with the aid of Singapore government. It is believed that the state government is approaching the Japan, China and South Africa to begin construction to maximum support and best outcomes in building a smart and international standard state capital which would be spanning across 33,000 acres pooled in from 31 surrounding villages

While the primary challenge before the government is that to move thousands of families to a whole new city. Parakala Prabhakar, Advisor, Andhra Pradesh government said “As far as possible, we are trying to re-locate our heads of department there. Some of the ministers are also functioning from that area. For instance, our Irrigation Minister is largely functioning from there. Our Chief Minister is also making frequent trips to the state.” Government administration relocation would starting in due course while the AP government plans to kick-start construction on June 6. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is about to make the remarkable foundation stone laying for a journey towards building a whole new capital city which is all set to get a lot more exciting. Stay tuned with us for more updates.