Twitterati Spotted On This American Dean’s Baffled Reaction After An Indian Student Touched His Feet Is Going Insane On The Internet

AP2TG Staff

Do you agree the fact that ‘Indians respect and values their elders’ that are taught to them since childhood?

Whether your answer is Yes or No, this story below will give the perfect answer for the question. No matter where Indians go, they never ever forget giving respect and giving value to their elders. Showing respect to elders by touching their feet is generally seen in India.

This way of giving respect to the elders is followed by the Indian culture. Whenever we visit some elders or meet our teachers, the first thing we do is join hands to say a “Namaste” or touch their feet, isn’t it?

Gaurav Jhaveri, who has now become the Indian Sanskari is a student at Illinois Institute of Technology (Chicago). He is a person who very well remembers Indian values and culture, didn’t forget to touch the feet of his American Dean while collecting his graduation certificate at the convocation.

As soon as Gaurav bent down to seek the blessings of the Dean, the latter was left with a question mark on his face because he didn’t understand what did the student do. We all know that it was ‘Sanskar’ but for the Dean, it was a ‘Surprise’.

Watch The Video Here:

“Indians are Indians everywhere.”

Though Gaurav’s act has surprised us but we all should be proud of him, who gives first priority to Indian culture even though he is abroad.

As the dean was baffled and overwhelmed, the internet, of course, is going nuts over this and is flooded with both funny memes and reverential messages. Check out the funny and hilarious reactions of Twitterati.

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