Watch Video: Actor Vijayakanth’s Hilarious Attempt at Yoga


Actor-turned politician Captain Vijayakanth is famous for his unimaginable and out of the world fight sequences. He has claimed to have practised yoga too. But in a video that has gone viral since International Yoga day on Sunday.

On the Occasion of International Yoga Day Actor turned politician Vijayakanth led a yoga event at his party office in Koyembedu here last Sunday. But the DMDK leader is seen struggling to do even a simple breathing exercise.


This Video shows the DMDK leader Vijayakanth looking clueless even though the instructions for asanas were continuously given over the microphone. He was struggling to bend and stretch and didn’t even know which finger to use to press the nostril for a simple breathing exercise.

Must Watch: Actor Vijayakanth’s Hilarious attempt at yoga on International Yoga Day

The video has added spice to the already popular social media troll pages on the actor. The video grab of the leader’s facial reactions at the yoga event were made into memes.