Must Read: Actor Rana’s Diet Secret For Baahubali Revealed


India’s magnum opus Baahubali release date is fast approaching. Starring Prabhas and Rana Daggubati, the movie revolves around these two brothers and their fight to rule a kingdom. Though both the actors are extremely fit, they had to work out hard to look like kings from that era. Since they had to look extremely ripped in the film, Rajamouli asked to increase the weight for their roles in Baahubali, a period film from 8th century AD.

Rana Daggubati, one of the most ruggedly handsome actors of the film industry who stands at 6ft 3inches with uniquely broad shoulders at 48 inches was asked to increase the weight for his role, Bhallala Deva in Baahubali. Sporting a look like Ballaladeva which literally means, ‘a man with weapons’ needs him to look like an epitome of manliness. So, he tried hard and shaped his body as Rajamouli wants. Rana, now looks like the exemplary warrior of the olden days.

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According to his fitness trainer Lakshman, the actor was put on a strict diet which consisted of high protein meals. Rice was completely eliminated from their diet. He had to eat 6-8 small meals in a day, after a gap of couple of hours. It is known that, Rana took heavy food and he took extra care this time on food. As part of his diet, he took the non-vegetarian in heavy quantity.

Producer Shobu Yarlagadda shared a picture of Rana to everyone today where he was feasting on non-veg dishes stating that it wasthe part of Rana’s diet.

Rana's diet secret revealed

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This is the general diet followed by Rana since 1 year for Baahubali which he shared in an interview.

Meal 1- Two scoops of whey protein; Two bananas

Meal 2- Two cups of cooked oats; 8 scrambled eggs (6 whites and 2 whole)

Meal 3- One bowl of white rice; 200gm grilled fish; Veg salad

Meal 4- One bowl of quinoa rice; 200gm chicken(breast pieces); Veg salad

Meal 5- Roasted chicken breast, Brown bread sandwich ( extra meat and low fat sauces .No cheese, no mayonnaise)

Meal 6- Two scoops of whey. Two table spoons peanut butter. One Fruit of his choice

Meal 7- One bowl brown of rice. 200gma grilled fish. Veg salad with vinaigrette sauce dressing

This meal plan was specific to Baahubali. There was a time when the actor weighed 110 kilos and he had expertise in random things related to the film industry except for acting. Just like many of us hyderabadi’s, midnight biryani was his favourite food too.