A Comman Man’s “Challenge” to Bahubali Team


Bahubali, one of the most awaiting film in Telugu film industry. It is going to release on Friday 10th July 2015. Till now, we have seen that most of the people done dharna for Bahubali tickets and S.S Rajamouli, the director of Bahubali also said to eradicate piracy. But now for the first time a common man raised questions to Bahubali team about black tickets and minimum requirements in cinema theater.

Questions for Bahubali team
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The following are the questions asked by him in his words.

  • Firstly, we will not allow Bahubali to Piracy, but do you have courage to not to allow Bahubali tickets in black ?
  • Secondly, he raised questions about the requirements in cinema theater. He said that “Have you ever went to court as there are no minimum requirements in theater ? Also did you went to police station as food items in cinema hall are twice the original price?
  • Thirdly, there are many people who earns a daily wage of 200/- then how will they buy Bahubali movie tickets as they are already reached to 500 /- to 1000/- ?
  • Finally, If we want to watch a movie like this then should we have to spend half of the salary? No one will encourage piracy but all the people who want to watch a movie in theater are getting irritated as there are many problems in theater also about the tickets.

This post is not to criticize any one but, would like to tell about the problems of a common man. Please excuse if I hurt anyone.