8 Most Intriguing Questions In Baahubali Other Than “Why Kattappa Killed Baahubali”

AP2TG Staff

Two days to go, and we all know the kind of following Baahubali has already earned. This, country’s most awaited sequel is about to hit theaters on 28th April, fans are nail-bitingly waiting to get their answer for 2015’s most viral question- ‘Why Kattappa Killed Baahubali ?’

If it is believed that this is the only question we’re craving for, then it is clear that we’re wrong, yes! there are much more doubts regarding this Indian marvel and all our questions will be answered on this Friday. This typical doubts might again establish multiple surfaces in questioning the movie from every possible angle.
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In addition to the first part, the second part’s trailer is out a week ago and another plethora of questions are on the table, playing with the viewers’ minds. Filtering the trailer and the whole first part, we’ll sort out the important questions by order, and three days to go, we are going to find out all the respective answers.

1) Who will take oath as the king?

According to the first part of the movie, it is announced that Baahubali (Prabhas) is going to ascend the throne of Maahishmati but let us just question the beginning, why will Sivagami run away with Baahubali’s son? and why did we see Rana ascending the throne in the sequel’s trailer? Moreover, the wrist shown here is unclear.

2) Why is Baahubali defending Devasena?

If Baahubali is the king, then why is he seen defending Devasena (in the Baahubali-2 trailer) and from whom he is doing her? Is Baahubali the Commander-in-chief for Bhallaladeva?

3) Why is Baahubali in Ordinary man’s clothes, swinging sword?

According to the first part of Baahubali, it is believed that Baahubali will be the king. Let us assume that Sivagami has taken a u-turn on her decision and made her son Bhallaladeva, the King of Maahishmati, now Baahubali will be the Commander-in-Chief. But what is Baahubali doing in normal clothes?

4) Who Is Bhallaladeva’s wife?

In the first part, we noticed Bhadra (Adevi Sheshu) praising his father (Bhallaladeva) regarding the nerve gripping fight with raging bull. Now, if Bhadra is the son of Bhallaladeva, who is Bhallaladeva’s wife and Bhadra’s mother?

5) Why is Kattappa wearing Baahubali’s armor?

We’ve seen the faith and love Kattappa has for Baahubali, moreover, he’s the one who killed Baahubali. But in the newly released trailer, we’ve seen Kattappa fighting against the armed forces in Baahubali’s armor, why is he wearing it? Does he realize his mistake in killing Baahubali and is now paying him owes alongside Sivudu (son of Baahubali- Prabhas).

6) Why did Kattappa surrender to Baahubali post killing him?

This is absolutely an extension of ‘Why Kattappa killed Baahubali?’, We’ve seen in the first part, Kattappa back stabbing Baahubali and in the new trailer the scene is extended, here we can notice Kattappa on his knees in front of Baahubali. This appears like Baahubali left Maahishmati, fought against Bhallaladeva (he’ll be the ultimate king if Baahubali isn’t) and note this, Kattappa always takes King’s side (as per his ancestors’ norms).

7) Why is Sivagami/Devasena is touching Devasena/Sivagami’s?

Who is touching whose feet here? This is one of the intense scene acknowledged in the trailer and what does this has to do with the fate of Baahubali or Sivudu.

8) Why were people looking shocked looking at Baahubali/Baahubali’s son?

No matter the reason is, this scene is definitely and another nerve clinching one in the conclusion, the expressions people wore here and the luminance in the scene is rightfully clear that this scene is going to change the path of the story. But who is this child in Sivagami’s hands, is he Baahubali? or Sivudu (Baahubali’s son)?

So, let us wait till the two dawns and we’ll find all our answers. The bookings are open and it’s time to get your hands on India’s most awaited movie tickets.

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