Hyderabad: She Teams Charged 71 Year Old Man For Eve-Teasing


Upon the several complaints on the eve teasers, the government had finally introduced ‘SHE Teams’ to protect the women. Regarding this, the concerned officials are acting upon the complaints received from the women in the city and catching hold of the eve teasers with the perfect proof.

SHE Teams’ are eyeing on every busy centre in Hyderabad and has already caught red handed, a number of eve-teasers teasing the women across the city.The roving ‘SHE Teams’ that keeps a hawkish eye on eve-teasers have arrested four men, including a septuagenarian, for allegedly teasing women in separate cases in the city, police said today.


A 71-year-old man was caught by the SHE team for eve teasing at Koti. The man was sitting in the bus station and harassing women passengers. The action of the man was recorded on camera by the SHE team. Police said the man, Mohammad Sadiq Ali.

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According to police, all the four accused were arrested over the past couple of days. “71-year-old Mohammad Shadiq Ali, a retired employee, a native of Armur mandal in Nizamabad district, who was sitting at Koti bus stop and was trying to touch women inappropriately and making unwarranted comments.. The victims who were sitting at the bus stop beside him were frightened by his acts and were shifting to other places,” a release from Hyderabad Police said.

“He was teasing and following a lady, by winking at her, giving gestures trying to talk to her. Entire episode was video recorded by the SHE Team present there. He was arrested and produced in the court along with the evidence and was fined.” adding that the elderly man was produced before a magistrate, who sentenced him to jail for two days.