5 Skin Hacks You Should Try Right Now For Dry Skin

AP2TG Staff

Is your skin type – dry? Winter is the worst season for people with dry skin. It may leave you with flaky, cracked and inflamed skin. No doubt moisturizing helps, but it is not enough to keep your skin hydrated at all times in these harsh conditions. Tackle dry skin with these natural strategies today at home for smooth, supple skin all winter.

1. Do not spend too much time in the shower.

We know it is comforting to take long, hot baths during winters. This is very bad for your skin. And boiling water strips away the skin’s natural oils.

2. Apply coconut oil.

Coconuts and coconut oil on wooden table

This magic oil will keep the moisture locked in for a long time. Apply it before taking a bath and thoroughly wash it off with a mild soap.

3. Drink water.

Keep yourself hydrated at all times, and you’ll see the results yourself.

4. Use a humidifier.

This helps the moisture permeate deep into the skin leaving it hydrated and happy.

5. Oatmeal bath.

Aveeno Soothing Bath Treatment With 100% Pure Colloidal Oatmeal / How To Do An Oatmeal Bath – http://www.kisforkinky.com/how-to-do-an-oatmeal-bath-for-eczema-and-itchy-skin

Pour a cup of it into your bath and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Enjoy a spa-like experience and also smooth, silky skin.