Here Are The 25 Funny Things That Happen Only On The Indian Roads. You Shouldn’t Miss The 5th

AP2TG Staff

There is a saying that if a person can drive on Indian roads, then he can easily drive a vehicle at any place in the world. There were many traffic rules but the implementation of those rules was left to god. Every driver will follow his/her own rule. They were fun sometimes, but most of the times they were risky. We can capture most funny things on the roads which include road signs, funny driving,  weird driving etc.

Here are the 25 Funny Indian Road Things That Are Going Viral In Social Media

#1. You Have Only One Way To Go i.e Straight

#2. Funny But Message Oriented

#3. Elephant Is Going For A Drive

#4. There Is No Right Way For The Wrong person

#5. Is it an Auto or a plane ready to take-off?

#6. This is how Indians manage their wife and mother

#7. The Most Epic Thug-life

#8. Confused, whether it’s an auto or a scooter?

#9. Due to heavy petrol prices, he decided to sell his two-wheeler

#10. This Car power is measured in bull-power rather than horsepower

#11. Do You need an instant wall?..then here it is

#12. Camel Cart Came For Refilling Its Tank!

#13. Cow Ready To Board A City Bus

#14. This is what we do when an incident occurs in India!..SELFIE ADDICTS

#15. This Is What We Do when our mom says us to take care

#16. We never leave a friend even though he is weird

#17. This happens when a man plans to open a restaurant but finally, rides an auto

#18. Why should boys have all the fun?

#19. We can convert a bike into a car easily

#20. Roller Skate puller girl taking lift from rickshaw

#21. Cost of the car is irrespective of traffic

#22. Speed breakers breaking a car

#23. This sign might be kept by my ex

#24. This is what happens when it rains

#25. Traffic can convert a photo into a video

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