15 Cool Things You Didn’t Know Your Android Phone Could Do

AP2TG Staff

Smartphones are basically a computer in your pocket with a lot of features to make your life easier. It turns out that there are so many cool things you can do with Android phone that you probably don’t even know. From Priority Mode feature to custom icon packs, PushBullet, smart lock system, there is plenty to keep you happy for a while. And as necessity is the mother of all inventions, everything is possible but only if you can pursue it. So to help you get the most out of your phone, here are 15 cool things or tricks that you can do with your Android phone.

1. Voice search

Your Android wants to help you out; it’s just waiting on the word. Google will help to send an email or text, or even figure out what song is playing on your mobile just by listening to you.

Click on the microphone icon in Google search (or say “OK Google”) and send an email or text (just say, “Text Siri, Where are you?” or “Email John, When are you coming?” and hit send), or email yourself a reminder (“Note to self, call John”). You can even find out about the weather or traffic (“Do I need an umbrella today?” or “How is the traffic now at East Zone”), track your flights or packages (if you’ve gotten confirmation emails), figure out what song is playing on your mobile (”what’s that song?”) or simply ask any research question you’d otherwise type into the search bar. Google listen will find it out.

2. Swipes to make your phone work quicker

Swipes to make your phone work quicker.

We use one finger to swipe for notifications. Use two fingers to swipe down for quick settings.

3. Allow calls from selected people you want

The Priority Mode feature will give you the options to be interrupted by the people you want.

4. Use Wallet to extend the battery life

This is a power wallet which has a lightweight backup battery for android phones.

5. Use ‘Smart Lock’ to unlock the phone automatically when you are at home

This setting will automatically change when you are outside your home. And you also have the options to set trusted places.

6. Control an LED light bulb from your phone

LIFX is a WiFi enabled, multi-color, energy efficient LED light bulb that you can control with your Android.

7. Try Pushbullet

Copying and pasting URLs is so old fashioned now. Install PushBullet to push links on your phone to your tablet, from your PC to your phone or from your phone to all of your other devices. Pushbullet also notifies you of SMS or calls on your PC and you can transfer files between all of your devices with Pushbullet too.

8. Instantly solve a math equation by taking a picture of it

Take picture of Math equation, it will solve it

9. Plug a mouse into your phone

You can plug a wired or wireless mouse into an android phone and it’ll work.

And keyboard as well!

10. Invert colors

This setting will allow you to read at night without disturbance. Just go to Settings > Accessibility > Negative Colors and make your Android a little more readable at night and a lot more trippy.

11. Use ‘Smart Stay’

Smart Stay is another Samsung-specific feature, which keeps your Android at a bright display for as long as your eyes are on it. Just go to Settings > Display/Smart Screen > Smart Stay.

12. Encrypt your phone

This will scramble your data to protect all of the data and password.

13. If found, return to

This is another great feature for anyone with a tendency to misplace their phones. If your phone gets lost and you suspect it has been picked up by someone, you can put a message on the lock screen, telling the finder of your phone how to get in contact with you.

You can achieve the same thing with Android Device Manager if you’ve already lost your phone, but the option can be done in advance as a safety measure. Go to Settings > Security > Lock screen message to add your phone number, email or return instructions.

14. Remote lock or wipe your lost phone

There’s not much worse than losing your phone. Apart from losing your phone, knowing that someone might have access to your data is even worse and downright dangerous. But Google has an awesome feature called ‘Android Device Manager’ that lets you track and take control of your phone if you ever lose it.

As long as ADM is activated, you can ring your phone, remotely lock it or even factory reset it if you know you’re never getting it back. To enable Android Device Manager, go to Settings > Security > Device Administrators and access the site on your computer if you ever lose your phone.

15. Access Chrome tabs from other devices

As long as you’re logged into Chrome when you launch a new tab, you’ll see the ‘Recent tabs’ option at the bottom right. Tap this to see the URLs that are open on your other logged-in devices and quickly access any of them.