13 Unknown and Rare Facts About M M Keeravani On His Birthday


Maragatha Mani Keeravani (M.M.Keervani), Indian cinema musical maestro who had been entertaining, consoling, comforting and soothing music lovers across the globe turns out 53 years old. Mongna Sangeetha Rasamani Maragatha Mani Keervani has been one of the legendary music director Indian cinema has witnessed. Keeravani who is usually known for his work in South Indian films has also been known for his major Bollywood works in most of recent movies released a couple of yers ago. He had been delivering soothing music as a film score composer, music director, singer. He has been awarded the National Film Award for Best Music Direction for the movie Annamayya in the year 1977.


MM Keeravani is born to Siva Shakthi Dutta, a famous lyricist in Telugu. He is born in Kovvur, West Godavari District in Andhra Pradesh on July 4th 1961.


Keeravani Nicknames:

Koduri Keeravaani, better known as M. M. Keeravaani and his aliases Maragatha Mani and M. M. Kreem . He is familiar to Tamil people as Maragatha Mani.

He has won 4 Filmfare Awards, eight Andhra Pradesh state Nandi Awards and a Tamil Nadu State Film Award.

Keeravani with orchestra on the occasion of my 60th movie recording in 1993.


Keeravani Childhood Pic:

Myself, Rajamouli, Bose naannagaru, Bharathi pinni posted by Keeravani in his Facebook profile.


Keeravani Relation with Rajamouli:

He is brother of music director and singer Kalyani Malik. He relates as cousin to director S. S. Rajamouli

Keeravani rajamouli

Assistant Music Director at K Chakravarthy:

Keeravani first began his career as an Assistant music director with the noted composer K. Chakravarthy in 1987.

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M M Keeravani First Music Direction Chance:

Keeravani’s first big break as an independent musician came with the film Kalki in 1990.


Keeravani Break in Career:

Ram Gopal Varma’s blockbuster film Kshana Kshanam (1991) that made Keeravani an established music director


Keeravani Unreleased Movies:

There are many films of Keeravani which are never released. He revealed that he is planning to make an album of those songs and release after his retirement.

keeravani g0ing to release album

M M Keeravani Awards:

In 1997, he was awarded the National Film Award for Best Music Direction for the movie Annamayya. He has won 4 Filmfare Awards, 8 Andhra Pradesh state Nandi Awards and One Tamil Nadu State Film Award.


Bollywood Famous Music Director in 1990’s

Keeravani is also a famous music director in Bollywood in 90s and is famous by the name ‘MM Kreem’.


Funny Shake Hands Poem by MM Keeravaani 

Keeravani’s statement on Facebook Regarding Retirement:


Recently, Keeravani had announced that he will be retiring from music composition from December 8th, 2016.

Keeravani retirement statement in fb

“I recorded my 1st song on 9th December 1989 at Prasad Studios Chennai. The very day I fixed my retirement day to be 8th December 2016 which i am planning to celebrate the day with my close associates and musicians, most likely at Prasad Studio, Hyderabad. So it is hardly 3 more years to go. Meanwhile I am happy to start this new journey on FB from tomorrow; details will be updated in the evening. I thank all of my fans who spared their time to express their likes, dislikes, advices and wishes to me all these years!!(Sic)”

We wish M M Keeravani Sir a happy, prosperous and memorable birthday.